Patient of the Month – May

Christy K.

“Pain is hardly a factor in my life anymore!”

Christy first found out about us through a Facebook Ad. She decided that she needed to do something about the pain she was having so she came into the office to see us. When she came in she was having hip pain and low back pain that was just a constant burning and stabbing sensation. She had tried so many things including various chiropractors, orthopedic consults, balance disorder specialists, physical therapy, and even pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers. Nothing was helping! Since coming to our office Christy has learned that her life doesn’t need to involve pain and she is learning strength building techniques that she can use even after her treatment with us comes to an end. Through cold laser, decompression, physical rehabilitation, adjustments, and the PRP protocol, she has come such a long way and is really noticing the improvements!

Before coming to our office Christy rated her pain as an EIGHT on a scale of one to ten. Since undergoing treatment, sticking to her physical therapy, and being consistent with her appointments she now rates her pain a ONE! This is an incredible improvement! In addition to her pain decreasing significantly, she’s had other improvements as well. She has not had any more sinus infections, improvement in her depression, improvement in cognition, and is able to accomplish more daily tasks!

“I can do so much more without constant pain gnawing at my thoughts!”

Patient of the Month – April

Bill & Bonnie

We found Bill at an event and he told us that he was experiencing some shoulder pain. While getting treatment for his shoulder we had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Bonnie. The rest is history!

Bill started his treatment plan and though it took a while he started feeling much better! He originally came in for his shoulder, which has been doing better, in addition to that he has also noticed improvements in his lower back and lower blood pressure! When he first came into our office he told us that his pain level was at a TEN, his pain level is now a ZERO! This is incredible!

Bill and Bonnie also decided to do a weight loss program with us and have done amazing so far! They have collectively lost over 60lbs and are still going strong!

We are so proud to have such dedicated patients who are doing such an incredible job. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

Patient of the Month – March

Diane & Dave

Diane originally heard about us from a friend who was already coming to our office. When she first came to us she had a lot of arthritis in her knees, she couldn’t walk, it was a very painful experience, and one doctor even told her to get her left knee replaced. She later referred her husband, Dave, to our office because he was having a few problems with his lower back and neck.

Dave has been seeing our doctors, doing physical therapy, and even though he hasn’t been with us for long he has noticed less pain in his neck and low back.

Diane went through our PRP procedure and is still in the middle of her physical rehabilitation. She is still strengthening her left knee which was injected but she has since been able to walk better, have more mobility, and is in less pain every day! On a scale of one to ten, Diane came to us with a pain level of nine. Since being with us that pain has been decreased immensely to about a four!

This is incredible!

We are so thrilled to have Diane and Dave as patients in our office! They always show up to their appointments, take the doctor’s advice, and have been showing real results. Thank you Diane and Dave for sharing your story with us!

Patient of the Month – February

Vicki L.

Vicki found out about us through the internet. Before she came to us she was struggling with nerve pain in her left arm and bad headaches. She had tried different medications and therapy but they weren’t helping.

Since being under our care for about 4 months she has had no more headaches and no more nerve pain!

Before coming to us she had been having pain, which at its worst, was a ten out of ten. Since being with us that pain has dropped significantly to a ONE out of TEN!! WOW!

She has also been singing our praises on Facebook, letting others know that we are capable of helping them, and we really appreciate her spreading the good news and sharing her story! Thank you Vickie!

Patient of the Month – January

Kathy Glaid

“The treatment is top notch but more important are the people in the office that make it a pleasant experience and motivate you to fight through the pain.”

Kathy has been seeing us since August 2017! She was having knee problems, she twisted it going down the stairs, and after that she could barely walk without a crutch. Kathy couldn’t even get in or out of the car without putting the seat completely back or even walk up the stairs normally. She saw an ad for us on Facebook, didn’t want to “go under the knife”, but also knew she needed to do something about her knees, so she decided to call us!

She came to us and started with the physical therapy and chiropractic side but then also went through our PRP Treatment with one of her knees. When she first came to us she told us that her level of pain, on a scale of one to ten was a TEN. Since being with us for a few months she said that her pain has gone down all the way down to a ONE!!!

This is incredible progress!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Kathy!!!

Patient of the Month – December

Wanda & Ozie

“If you want to get rid of pain in the joints and live better, you need to get in here! The staff and doctors are a blessing!”

Wanda found us on Facebook, came in to see us, and then invited her husband, Ozie, to get help. Wanda was suffering from neck and back problems and Ozie was having back pain, numbness, and stiffness in his right hand. He was also having a lot of pain and discomfort in his right leg, which occasionally kept him from sleeping.

Wanda previously went through some therapy for her neck and back, while Ozie had seen his regular doctor every two months. Unfortunately nothing was working and the pain and discomfort were still there.

After being with us for about two months, Wanda told us that not only do her back and neck not hurt as much but she has also noticed increased energy when walking and when she wakes up. She says that her pain went from a TEN, the worst amount of pain, down to a FIVE!!

Ozie told us that he has noticed significant improvement with his sinuses and increased energy levels in addition to his pain decreasing from a NINE to a ONE!! His right leg pain has improved 100%, there is no pain or discomfort and he is now able to sleep better at night!

When we asked why they would recommend people to our office, they said “It’s unbelievable! I feel young again!” and “If you want to get rid of pain in the joints and live better, you need to get in here! The staff and doctors are a blessing!”

Thank you so much Wanda and Ozie for sharing your stories and progress with us!

Patient of the Month – November

Janice Leonard

Janice Leonard

We met Janice at an event that we were at during the summer. She told us that she was dealing with a lot of lower back pain. She had been to a different chiropractor but unfortunately they weren’t able to help her.

Before coming to us she said that her pain level was at a ten, the highest number on our pain scale. After coming to us three times a week for about two months she told us that her pain level is only a one!

She would recommend family and friends to come into our office because “the doctors are the best you could ever have and everybody is so super nice, even Pretty Boy (Steve).”

Janice has a lengthy drive (all the way from Ohiopyle) but always shows up to her appointments, she brings a good attitude, puts in the effort, and she is seeing awesome results!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Janice!

Patient of the Month – October

Lynn Koza

lynn koza

 “I want to enjoy life, not let it pass me by.”
~Lynn Koza

Lynn originally found us through an ad on Facebook. She was tired of not being able to move around. She had pain in her knees when standing, bending, and walking. Before coming to us she had gone through other physical therapy, steroid injections, topical lotions, and different tablets. Nothing was working for her knee pain.

After about a month and a half of treatment with us her pain has gone from a 10 to a 5! This is a big improvement!

She told us that she would recommend friends and family members to come into our office because “this really works!”

Lynn is also starting a weight loss program with us and will be starting PRP injections this month! She always shows up to her appointments, has been making great progress, and is letting us help her so she can make sure she takes care of herself!

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your story with us!


* Disclaimer – Treatment results vary from individual to individual and it is not possible to predict and/or guarantee the outcome of any treatment. *